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Urban Riff Jazz Festival







Urban Riff is a jazz-influenced festival that travels around Canada — stopping in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Urban Riff features a range of different jazz-influenced artists. These concerts would attract an older audience for a weekend of music and an opportunity to explore the city.


Urban Riff Jazz Festival is inspired by the experience of “bar hopping” – but instead of going bar-to-bar – people travel to different locations within the city to see their favourite artists. Showing this through the brand identity was essential to reflect the type of festival it is. The result of this brand identity focused on the importance of the artist. Reflecting a personal and authentic style for the identity system allowed the opportunity to achieve a goal through the use of abstract shapes.

Urban Riff Artist.jpg
Urban Riff.gif
Urban Riff moblie_v3.jpg
Urban Riff Artist Blue 2.jpg
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Urban Riff Vinyl_web2.jpg
Brandguide Urban riff.jpg
Urban Riff moblie.jpg
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