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Sandcastle sunscreen focuses on bringing environmentally, non-toxic sunscreen designed for all skin types and all ages. Sandcastle shows how important it is to wear sunscreen that is non-toxic by having the icons that reflect environments where it may be used. Sandcastle sunscreen demographic consists of environmentalisms, young starting families, and outdoorsy people. This includes age groups between 18-40; however, kids may also used to the product from age 2-10 years old. 

Water-resistant, reef-friendly, mineral zinc SPF, with broad-spectrum sun protection for the ultimate family events. Protecting your skin and the environment. Using the outlines on the packaging and brand of Sandcastle was a way to compliment the SPF and the brand but not have the name overpower the product itself. This brings a playful side to the identity by using a sans serifs font that reflects the target audience. I started off looking at neutral colours, but it did not bring the aspect of adventure or playfulness that the green, mustard yellow and blue did. Furthermore, the vibrant colours reflect the sun, the ocean and the land.

Kyle Lortie

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