Homegrown Magazine





Homegrown is a coffee table magazine that gives inspiration for people who are looking to start a garden in an urban setting. Bringing plants and vegetable gardening into your everyday life can be motivating and bring balance to your lifestyle. The logo conveys the beautiful feeling of relaxation and comfort that accompanies a well-kept garden with your own personal touch. The three primary colours are brought in to highlight the importance of home gardening, blue to represent water, yellow to represent sunlight and green to show healthy growth in plants. Overlapping these colours creates a sense of depth and movement with the feeling of the environment when you plant your garden. 


Focusing on the illustration to be consistent with the brand identity, the use of a brushstroke that plays off an authentic feeling of hand-drawn illustrations through digital media was important. Using a continuous line of text allows creative concepts that balance the illustrations yet still represents an abstract plant. This magazine gives people a perspective on how impactful their actions are on the environment and how they can make a positive change to benefit their lifestyle.