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Cold Start Brewing Co.




Every beer from Cold Start Brewing Company has been inspired by an iconic dream car. So buckle up and burn rubber with a unique beer from Cold Start Brewing Company. Be inspired by the fast and fun cars you’ll find when you open that toolbox and reach for one of our signature cans. 


The brand identity reflects the sense of good times and great memories that car lovers have. Focusing on cars, the logo reflects the iconic route 66 signage, with detailed illustrations supporting the style of the Cold Start Brewery Company. Keeping the colours minimal, and drawing inspiration from Ed Roth’s illustrations, the design incorporates the feeling of driving in the back roads.


The design solution for Cold Start Brewing Company is a clean and simple feel to reflect this micro-brewery. The colours of the beer cans are used to portray the types of colour that would be on these cars. The unique beer can helps draw attention to show the inspiration of where Cold Start Brewing Company came from. 

Smokey Knight Beer Can.jpg
Death Wobble_Front.jpg
Smokey Knight Beer Can.jpg
BeerCan Mockups all.jpg
windbreaker_Cold Start.jpg
Back Beer Can.jpg
Cold Start Beer_All.jpg
Death Wobble Illustration.jpg
Cold Start Beer_illustration.jpg
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